Idea Fortis is a professional translation and interpreting agency with more than 20 years of experience. Our translator team consists of experienced specialists  who are always familiar with the subtleties and depth of the relevant jargon. We are proud to contribute to the success of our clients with our preparedness and flexibility. Put us to the test!



For us, there is no unknown!

Our professional translators and interpreters are familiar with financial, legal, medical, technical and business texts and they are experts even in other industries. We provide interpreting services in all business spheres – should it be a negotiation, a factory visit, specialised meetings or conferences in all the major or rare languages of the world.

We do not know the impossible

Our record: we translated 10 million character worth of call for proposal material into English within 3 weeks, in 12 different topics, by coordinating 38 translators at the same time. We delivered the translation on time, and our Client was very satisfied with the quality and the speed of our work.

Your satisfaction is the most important to us!

We don’t want to stop at providing “good” service, we seek excellence. We always do thorough research before the translation of technical texts. We search similar translations and map the accepted terminology which we also check with the client. We understand your needs and reliably fulfil your requests.

The ideal value for money!

Our pricing is based on quantity, the topic, language direction and the required technical support. If data or translation is available in the public domain, it is unnecessary to do the translation again. This saves you time and money! The quality of our work is our top priority.  We do not only translate, we manage the entire translation project, we delegate the task to the most adept experts, we look up the terminology and in the meanwhile we are continuously at our Client’s disposal to handle unexpected challenges. We prepare a precise calculation before we make our quote. There are not any subsequently incurred expenses or hidden costs.

We stick to the deadlines!

We can responsibly estimate the time required for each translation and take the deadlines we set seriously. We do not make any irresponsible promises, but work with highly skilled translators, so we can get the most of ourselves even with short deadlines!

We have a team of skilled professionals!

Our qualified professional translators and interpreters have excellent references and they were selected carefully. To every field of expertise, we allocate a skilled specialist who is familiar with the subtleties and depth of the relevant jargon.

“Idea Fortis Translation and Interpreting Services helps us a lot in our grammatically correct business correspondence.”

Tibor Erős Sales Development Manager, Raiker Kft.

“Idea Fortis made the German translation of our study on constitutional procedure law, the language of which was not easy even in our mother tongue, Hungarian, published within the research project of the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA). I would not have thought that they could deliver such a great result.”

Prof. Dr. József Petrétei university professor


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