We established Idea Fortis Translation and Interpreting Services at the end of 2010. Our many decades of professional experience guarantees professional quality and flexible services meeting every client requirement.

Nothing is impossible to us: we know the most and least common languages of the world. Our translators are familiar with the various industries, thus we can allocate the most competent specialist to each topic. We answer your questions and requests quickly and we take deadlines seriously!

Ividő Nagy Baka



I have been in the trade for 16 years. I used to work at the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI).

This must be mentioned, because I spent many years in a public institution and climbed the career ladder from the very bottom way up to the top; and I gained a lot of experience: organising translation and interpreting tasks, preparation of national and EU call for proposals, project management and many other exciting projects. These long years allowed me to gain experience and to deepen my knowledge. At OFFI, I had the privilege to learn from excellent colleagues and mentors to whom I am still grateful. Therefore I have a stable professional foundation, and I can boldly build on this background.

I have always been a great “problem-solver”, and seeing the inflexibility of a public organisation made me think many times how efficient one could do this if one really had the client in the first place, and one were rather open than obeying all the rules as if they were carved in stone.

This was the basic idea of Idea Fortis, when Zoltán and I decided to establish our own translation agency. I believe that our flexibility, reliability, many years of experience and our excellent specialist team can contribute to your success as well.



dr. Zoltán Kisfaludy



I have a background in public administration. I have a degree in management, law and political science.

Having fulfilled different roles at the National Assembly, the Ministry of Justice and the Prime Minister’s Office in 2009 I applied for the position of Chief Executive Officer at the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd., and my application was accepted.

During the operation and management of this state-owned company I came to the sad conclusion that the effective legislation governing translation activities is outdated, controversial and doesn’t meet the expectations of our times. I fought hard and long to draw attention to these problems, for example in the following study as well: http://jesz.ajk.elte.hu/kisfaludy46.html.

Ividő and I had got to the point where we decided to leave behind the state-owned company and establish our own business where the Client’s expectations and needs are in the focus, a company that provides a flexible, fast, accurate and reliable service. We were aiming to leave out any burdensome and unnecessary bureaucracy and create an adaptive, need-oriented translation agency instead, where we take deadlines seriously.

This is how IdeaFortis was birthed. In addition to financial and technical translations, another cornerstone of our services is legal translation, the quality of which is warranted by me and my legal qualification.


  • 2017 Translation of manuals, labels and product descriptions of medicines, medical devices and medical preparations distributed in Hungary, from English to Hungarian and Romanian languages.
  • 2017 Translation from English of the instruction and maintenance manuals of various devices installed inside and outside the pools of the Dagály swimming complex
  • 2017 Translation from English of the manual of electronic start signaling and timing system and software for various sports
  • 2017 Translation from English of the maintenance manual of a safety system for swimming pools
  • 2016 – Translation from English of the maintenance contract of a spark erosion machine
  • 2016 – Translation into Hungarian of tender documentation related to ammunition disposal
  • 2016 – Translation into English of product description, websites, process description, marketing and PR texts and videos related to ERP development
  • 2016 – Translation into Serbian of financial and marketing texts related to the distribution of clothing products
  • 2015–2016 Translation into English of legal texts, product descriptions and packages related to the distribution of plantains chips.
  • 2015 Translation into English, Hungarian and Serbian of the documentation for the public procurement tender in the subject of Developing regional waste management systems through equipment purchases
  • 2015 Translation into English of the statics analysis of steel structures supporting solar cells
  • 2015 Translation into English of policies related to the programmes of Bátor Tábor and their annual report
  • 2015 Translation into English of captions and catalogue related to the temporary exhibition of “Szinyei, Munkácsy, Székely and their landscape painting contemporaries of 1870–1915” held in the Royal Castle of Gödöllő
  • 2015 Translation into English, Russian and Polish languages of tenders, correspondence, foldouts, newsletters, information boards related to the tourism and transport development of the city of Miskolc
  • 2015 Translation from English of the technical newsletter of an insurance company
  • 2015 Translation from Polish, Slovakian, English, German and Greek languages of documents such as CMRs, contracts, waybills, product descriptions, company documents related to credit insurance transactions.
  • 2015 Translation into Spanish, Romanian and Serbian languages of decisions, leasing agreements, investigation materials related to the returning of vehicles
  • 2015 onwards – translation and proofreading of legal texts for the prosecution bodies of the Pest County Prosecution Office under an contract awarded in a public procurement procedure for framework agreement
  • 2014 onwards – Translation and localisation of the product descriptions of a company selling gardening products, and translation of its company documents into English, German and Polish.
  • 2014 onwards – Translation of technical documents from the field of property management, between English and Hungarian languages.
  • 2013–2014 Translation of financial, legal, technical texts related to EU developments from English to Romanian, Hungarian to Romanian, Hungarian to English, English to Slovakian, English to Hungarian, Slovakian to Hungarian, Hungarian to Slovakian
  • 2013 onwards – Translation of medical and clinical texts typically between Hungarian and English, German, Russian, Arabic
  • 2013–2014 Translation of the medical technology documents and legal documents of a company dealing with medical device technology.
  • 2013 Translation from English into Hungarian of bank documents related to credit lending and debt settlement.
  • 2013 Translation into English and Finnish of the company documents and contracts of a Finnish-owned company.
  • 2012 Liaison interpreting in Russian and English in the field of structural engineering and real estate development.
  • 2012 Liaison interpreting in Italian and English in the field of electronics and energy.
  • 2012 onwards – Translation into various languages of general texts for the “Bátor Tábor” Foundation within the framework of a social responsibility programme.
  • 2012 onwards – Translation into different languages of documents, image materials, flyers related to the tourism development of the City of Miskolc.
  • 2012 onwards – Translation into different languages of product descriptions for food products
  • 2012 onwards – Translation into English, Romanian, Serbian, Russian and Ukrainian of medical, pharmaceutical and legal (contracts) texts, including translation between non-Hungarian languages as well, within the framework of a Cooperation Agreement.
  • 2012 onwards – Translation of documents in the field of receivables management, within the framework of a Cooperation Agreement
  • 2011–2012 – Translation of legal and economic texts in the range of millions of characters (investigation papers, requests for legal assistance, decisions, bills of indictment, court rulings, submissions, expert’s reports) in the following languages: English, German, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Chinese, French, Slovak, Dutch, Russian.
  • 2011 Translation into German of the technical specification of a robot for supporting an injection molding machine.
  • 2011 Localization of the website of a Swiss manufacturer of metal products, in the range of abt. 95,000 characters.
  • 2011 Translation into English and Japanese of documentation related to 3D technology.
  • 2011 onwards – Translation of EU tender and other documents from English into Romanian; then in 2013, we provided peer-reviewed translation services in English, Slovak, Romanian, Ukrainian and Hungarian languages, including translation between non-Hungarian languages, within the framework of a contract awarded to us in a public procurement procedure. Translations so provided amounted to four and a half million characters.
  • 2006–2010 – Reference project of the founders: Coordination of the “Non-attested translation of legal texts (from any language into Hungarian and from Hungarian into any language)” project awarded in public procurement. In the course of coordinating the project, the main task was to assign the translator and proofreader who are familiar with the relevant legal terminology to the translations from Hungarian into various target languages and to follow-up the documents to be translated from the placing of the order to the delivery of the finished material in the range of 16–20,000 pages annually.

The translation process

The translations are assigned to translators and proofreaders holding a certificate in specialized translation for the relevant language and who are familiar with the special vocabulary of the topic in question. We maintain a database of hundreds of translators and perform regular quality assessments as well. The assignment of the relevant translator itself is a guarantee for the use of the relevant terminology at a high standard. Idea Fortis Translation Services has the licenses of the Trados Studio 2014 CAT software.