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Our name already suggests that we offer powerful creativity, clever solutions combined with reliable expertise. The guarantee for your success lies with our professional capability and fair approach.

Legal translation

Our legal translators can provide a fast and accurate translation of any document issued by a lawyer or notary, may it be an application, a certificate or a request for legal assistance.


Successful senior managers have come to acknowledge that even though language skills are a basic requirement in business life, good interpreters are still indispensable. It is not only translation that is required during negotiations and meetings, but a connection must be built between two different cultures. A good interpreter is not only an intermediary, but someone who is a consultant and a cultural ambassador as well.

Technical translation

Ranging from architecture to mechanical engineering and robotics we cover all technical fields. It is guaranteed that our specialised translators provide you with a high quality service.

Financial translation

You shouldn’t worry about the translation of your annual reports, balance sheets and banking documents, we have skilled financial translators to perform this task for your company.

Marketing & Trade translation

Translating marketing and trade related texts is not that very simple. In order to convey the content of the original message or keep its rhythm, the target text will not always strictly follow the source text. Professional translators at IdeaFortis will not only translate such texts, but – being faithful to the intention of original – they will reword it at times, which can be proofread – even by a 2nd proofreader – upon request.

Tourism translation

We are at your service if you would like to have tourism or catering related documents, websites or menus translated into a foreign language. We can provide translation in all the major as well as in rare languages, so you can address your guests from distant locations in their mother tongue.

6 Reasons why we

are the best translation company for you

Professional translators and interpreters at IdeaFortis are familiar with financial, legal, medical, technical and business texts and they are experts even in other industries. IdeaFortis is regularly contracted to perform specialised and general translations and interpreting services. We provide interpreting services in all business spheres – should it be a negotiation, a factory visit, specialised meetings or conferences in all the major or rare languages of the world.

Our record: we translated 10 million character worth of call for proposal material into English within 3 weeks, in 12 different topics, by coordinating 38 translators at the same time. We delivered the translation on time, and our Client was very satisfied with the quality and the speed of our work.

We don’t want to stop at providing “good” service, we always seek excellence. The translation of specialised texts is preceded by thorough research, a study of similar translations (we even request the Client to send us previous materials) and we make sure that we use the right terminology, and have it approved by the Client.

We offer our services at a very reasonable price. In creating a pricing strategy we had our Client in the focus – we wanted to determine fair prices that still enable us to meet the highest quality requirements. A main factors in our price creation are quantity, the topic, language direction and the required technical support. IdeaFortis does not simply perform the requested translation, we manage the entire translation project, we delegate the task to the most adept experts, we look up the terminology and in the meanwhile we are continuously at our Client’s disposal to handle unexpected challenges.

We use state-of-the-art CAT tools and solutions that save you time and money.

Our qualified professional translators and interpreters have excellent references and they were selected carefully to ensure the best workforce and excellent quality translation and interpreting for our Clients.

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